Monday, November 28, 2005

s.p. #1

i'm stuck in the prison
of a life too shining
golden expectations, toiling, mining.
How high should I be climbing?
that damned endless ladder
this sun will soon melt
my waxen wings.
never will you be done, they say,
that's a ladder of dust
and bones and shit and cold hard
hear this
i won't sign my soul
to that CEO
to billboards and credit cards
and diamond studded cell phones.
airbrushed flesh reflects in us
our retinas
what's the crime here, folks?
What's the crime?
it's only candy for our eyes.
it only rots our whitened teeth
rows of tombstones blank and bleak.
it only stuffs full our arteries
mmm yes please
crackling ropes of hard crimson crud
my blood
your blood.
but blood can't be airbrushed
raw and horrible smears of beauty
Gorgeous candy,
all anorexic lust,
sugar coated rotten crust,
you kill our spirits, our freedom, our lives
candy: rotten rotten!!
it's those who climb the ladders of their minds
who won't be forgotten.


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