Saturday, October 22, 2005

rumble (sick)

there’s a rumbling underneath my feet, someone walking towards me, or perhaps away; but I can’t see. a rumbling becomes a tingling up my crossed legs, rising. i always sense your presence whenever it makes itself known. but i don’t want to know it so well anymore. it’s too well known, too much of myself. last night i dreamt of it, of us, touching and feeling and knowing every movement along the way.

don’t you know that i am sick of loving someone so much the same as me, too? don’t you think i feel like screaming when, every time you speak, i hear myself in your voice?

i didn’t even have to look up to know you were walking away.

the tingling becomes a bitter ache, and then nausea.


Blogger Artemis said...

Hey, I know the feeling - it sucks

8:56 PM  

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